Super Collection ch 00 Intro

Super Collection ch 00 Intro

The chances of winning the lottery are slim. But people still spend thousands on lottery ticket hoping for a big winning. In contrast to people at the other end of possibilities, People who don’t think they will be hit by cars in their homes. The wheels of a pickup truck that fallen from the freeway nearby, bounced over a house then hits the outer wall of a five-story building before falling on the zinc roof where Keree is playing the game in his bedroom.

Keree doesn’t even remember when he was unconscious. His last memory is the image on the computer screen, a MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), which he plays at least three hours a day. He remembers that his team had just won the game. He looks at his broken computer, old desk in pieces, bookshelves made from pallet wood damaged and fell to the ground. Everything in the room is clearly visible because of Saturday afternoon sun pierced through the whole on the roof. Powerful force pressed black tires into the closet and off course all the cloth now got black smear patch.

The young man quickly checked for own injury. He let out a long sigh when he didn’t find any wounds on his body, surprisingly.

“Ree, are you okay?” The shouting from outside the house forced Keree to quickly open the door.

“The car wheels fell into my room, aunty. But I’m fine, “said Keree to neighboring aunty.

“Really, aunty saw just a shadow. Car wheel? … Uh, you must ask for a hefty recover damage. Do you want this aunty to help?” The middle-aged woman smiled, but Keree shake his head, fast, knowing that she would ask for commission in negotiations. People living in the slums are all skilled in this kind of opportunity.

“I can handle it. I don’t want you to be tired. ” Keree then locked the door. He heard the siren of a police car wailing from afar. Would be impossible other than the car that brought the police to deal with the incident. He had to hurry up the highway to get in contact with the staff. Request a recovery damage money to repair his old home and computer.