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Types of Thai basil

Types of Thai basil

                Types of basil using in Thai cuisine. Basil is not common in western food culture so when try to refer to these types of ingredient it become confusing. Because using of one type instead of another will change overall aroma of whole dish. Clarification is necessary.

                There are three type of basil use commonly in Thai food. All of it have stronger aroma than Italian basil. First is กะเพรา, Thai basil, Holy basil. This kind of basil use in stir fry dish like Pad Kaprao (ผัดกะเพรา). Strong, herbal, minty, spicy, burn, and use in hot clear soup for its specific herbal aroma. Warm your body up.

                There are three type of Kaprao in Thai market, White Kaprao, Native Kaprao, and Red Kaprao. White Kaprao is the most common, you probably find this type in the market. Big leaf, cheap but has least aroma of all types. Native Kaprao have smaller leaf but more aroma. Great for cooking. Look for this one if you want authentic Kaprao. Last is Red Kaprao. This one is strongest in term of smell. Use in herbal inhaler or medicine. Can use in cooking but maybe too much for common dish and western tongue.

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